Mountain and Sea was created with the desire to share in beauty of traditional tea arts that has pervaded East Asian culture for centuries. Our family has been involved in the Taiwanese oolong tea industry for over thirty years and it is through this connection that we are able to have access to the finest quality tea direct from the farm in Nantou County in Central Taiwan.

The name Mountain and Sea is a reference to Taiwan where we source our tea. Taiwan is a collection of one large and many small islands that make up an island nation in the western Pacific Ocean, the western coastline of Taiwan lies along the Taiwan Strait across from Fujian Province, China. To the north is the East China Sea, which separates Taiwan from Japan. To the southwest of Taiwan lies the South China Sea, beyond which lies the Philippines. The main island of Taiwan is shaped like a sweet potato with an area of 13,969 square miles (36,179 square km), which makes it slightly smaller than Switzerland or the Netherlands or about the combined area of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. In the 16th century, Portugese traders named it Ilha Formosa which means beautiful island. Taiwan has five parallel mountain ranges that fill most of the main island and about 150 rivers flow down from these numerous mountains, providing Taiwan with plentiful freshwater. Taiwan's terrain, two-thirds of which is covered with forested mountains, and subtropical climate which brings summer rains to the southern part of the island and winter rains in the north, makes Taiwan a world-renown locale for the cultivation of high-quality tea.